Top 10 Best Beach Supplies For Your Dog


Summer is finally here in Nags Head, and you know what that means. It’s time for some serious R & R with Sparky in the sand, surf, and sunshine! But before you go, you’ll want to be prepared for your beach ventures with a few well-chosen items in tow. Here are ten of the best beach supplies you can bring for your dog below: 

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What You Need to Know About Beach Nourishment in the Outer Banks

Beach nourishment moves sand from a source place to a beach as a strategy to slow its erosion. While beach nourishment does not completely prevent erosion, it allows the natural elements to “munch” on something else. It protects roadways and buildings near the coastline. Many coastal American destinations from the Northeast to the Southwest implement beach nourishment, including the Outer Banks.

Our guests have asked us about beach nourishment this year in the Outer Banks. We’ve compiled a list of answers to their most common questions below:

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