Top 10 Best Beach Supplies For Your Dog


Summer is finally here in Nags Head, and you know what that means. It’s time for some serious R & R with Sparky in the sand, surf, and sunshine! But before you go, you’ll want to be prepared for your beach ventures with a few well-chosen items in tow. Here are ten of the best beach supplies you can bring for your dog below: 


1. Pet Sunscreen

Can dogs get sunburned? The short answer is, yes. Their skin can burn in delicate areas like the nose and ears. Luckily, you can protect that with sunscreen formulated just for pets. You’ll want to reapply each time after they swim.


2. Microfiber Towels

In a hurry to catch a restaurant after your dog’s beach swim? Keep these towels on hand when you’re done, and you’ll be back before you know it.


3. Floating Buoy Toy

Who can resist a fun beachside toy? A floating dog toy won’t get lost in the water and makes a delightful water-fetch game with your best friend.


4. Tangle-Free Leash

Nags Head requires dogs on leashes at the beach, but that doesn’t mean she should be tangled! Check out tangle-free waterproof leashes before hitting the sand.


5. UV Rash Guard

A UV rash guard is perfect if your dog’s skin needs extra TLC. It will also help keep his coat clean all day long at the beach.


6. Doggie First Aid Kit

It’s always a good idea to take a first aid kit just in case. You can buy a pre-packed kit, or make one yourself with items for both you and Sparky. Don’t forget to add flea and tick prevention and treatment products.


7. Life Jacket

Consider getting your dog a life jacket with a handle if she’s not the most talented swimmer. You’ll appreciate the extra safety layer if she comes with you during water sports.


8. Fold-up Food and Water Bowls

It’s important to keep your dog fed and hydrated while he’s out on the beach. Foldable bowls make the task even easier – just toss them into your beach bag to save space for packing food and water.


9. Doggie Boots

These boots are a great idea if you’re concerned about your dog’s feet on hot sand and pavement, and they look stylish too.


10. Personal Mini Pool

Fewer things can be more fun than frolicking in tide pools with your pooch, but what if there aren’t any? That’s where your mini pool comes in. Just add ocean water and have a good time!


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