How to Take Your Dog to the Beach for the First Time

As one of the Top 10 pet-friendly beach destinations in the U.S., what’s not to like about vacationing with your fur babies at the beaches of Nags Head in North Carolina? And if it’s the first time you’ll be bringing Sparky along, you can prepare to create lasting memories when you keep these tips in mind. Let’s review them below. 

Before Your Trip

Going over what Sparky might need is important while you’re making your vacation plans. Make sure all of his vaccinations are up to date, and if he regularly takes prescription medications, plan for your vet to prescribe enough to last the duration of your trip. Take the time to pick a pet-friendly cottage.

Consider bringing along a doggie life vest if you’re planning to include him on your water sports, boating trips, and surf time on the beach. 

Taking a leash and a shade item like an umbrella or beach tent is also a good idea, as well as an item to protect your dog’s feet from hot sand such as doggie booties or a canine barrier protectant formulated to protect your dog’s paws.

A pet-friendly bug repellent helps prevent bites from those sand fleas for Sparky too. Don’t forget pet-friendly sunscreen! Believe it or not, dogs can get sunburned especially if they have light-colored coats. 

While at the Beach

It’s easy to teach Sparky how to swim if it will be her first time.

Simply take her to a calm water area on the beach and show her the ropes. Another idea is to take a portable kiddie pool with you, fill it with ocean water, and let her paddle around in it. Most dogs will catch on pretty quick if you slowly introduce them to the water.

If you find out that Sparky isn’t a big fan of swimming, no worries! She can have just as much fun walking along and splashing in the surf.

If she gets sand on her nose, take a bottle of water with you and leave it in the shade to rinse off her muzzle with.

Speaking of water, bring a good supply of food and fresh water to keep her hydrated out there. Portable food and water bowls help simplify this task.

After Fun in the Sun

Don’t worry about getting sand in the car after your beach outing – it’s inevitable. But you can help lessen it by putting down sheets and blankets in the cargo area.

When you’re done with the beach fun, rinsing and shampooing your dog is recommended. Our cottages at Rentals On The Ocean are equipped with outdoor showers that will make bathing them a breeze.  Make sure to clean and dry your pup’s ears to prevent infection, and you’re good to go.

Making Memories

With these tips in tow, we hope Sparky’s first day on the beach is memorable. Bring the camera with you to capture your furbaby’s first sandy steps! For more tips read our blog, Top 10 Beach Supplies for Your Dog. 

And if you need to secure a pet rental cottage that’s close to the ocean contact our office today to help you pick just the right pad for both of you. See you soon!

We look forward to meeting you and your pup!

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