7 Dog Beach Safety Tips You Need to Know

Summer’s bright days and balmy weather provide plenty of opportunities for your fun-loving pet to relax with you at the beach. To ensure everyone two and four-legged is having a great time out there, taking simple measures to stay safe and healthy are worth planning ahead for. We’ll share some common-sense beach safety tips with you for your furry family member below: 

1. “Keep it cool under the sun!”

Panting is the natural way for a dog to stay cool, but he’ll need extra help if outdoor temperatures are 80 degrees or more. Bring a source of shade like an umbrella or beach canopy, and don’t forget an extra supply of fresh water! Collapsible bowls are easy for him to drink from.

2. “A family that plays together is safe together!”

There’s so many new sights, sounds, and smells for your dog to explore while she’s at the beach, and discovering them can be quite fun! Some of these things (like washed up debris and sharp shells) might not be safe for her, though. Watch her closely. Having her on a leash is a good idea for supervision.

3. “Teach me how to swim!”

Knowing how to swim could be a lifesaver for your dog, especially if he’s accompanying you on a boat. If he’s not a born-bred Michael Phelps type, the basics should do the trick. Teaching him in calm quiet waters is ideal.

4. “Don’t leave pets in hot cars!”

It may be tempting to leave your dog in the car if you’re making a quick stop, but that’s a huge safety no- no. Temperatures inside hot cars can soar to 160 degrees even on a mild day, which creates a high-risk environment for heat stroke. Always take your dog with you into the store.

5. “Try some pet-friendly sunscreen on me!”

If your furry friend has a tendency of getting sunburned, zinc-free pet-friendly sunscreen can help. Applying it on her nose, face, and other sensitive areas is the key, and reapply it after playing in the surf.

6. “Dog-sized life jackets are always in style!”

Like people, dogs can wear life jackets as flotation aids for those just-in-case moments, particularly if your furry pirate is more of a landlubber than a dogfish. Shop for the right size to get the most out of its safety features.

7. “Rinsing my fur keeps me happy!”

Hitting the showers with your pooch is not only great bonding time, it washes the salt and sand off their fur. That means a healthy coat and happy canine! The vacation cottages at Rentals On The Ocean have outdoor showers making beach clean-up convenient and easy.

Planning with these safety tips in mind will help you and your pup enjoy more fun at the beach.

At Rentals On The Ocean, all of our vacation homes are pet-friendly, and are located on the beautiful beaches in Nags Head in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Contact our office and we’ll help you and your fur baby find the cottage that’s just right for the both of you!

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