First Aid Item Essentials for Your Pet on Vacation

No one wants their pets hurt on vacation, but when you’re away from home it’s good to be prepared and pack a first aid kit! Be sure to include these items on the list:

1. Styptic Powder – This convenient item is a staple in pet first aid kits! It can help stop bleeding and ease pain for minor injuries for dogs, cats, birds, and other animals.

2. Medicines – Certain medicines make a difference in emergency situations, such as Benadryl for allergic reactions. Learn what’s important to administer for common ailments in your pet’s species. Vitamin C for guinea pigs, wet tail drops for hamsters, and sugar tablets if your pet is diabetic are some examples you can include. 

3. Blunt Scissors and Disposable Gloves – Wearing gloves is sanitary in emergency situations, and blunt-end scissors can cut gauze, cloth, and netting. These special scissors can be used near the injury without further harm.

4. Bandages, Cotton Balls, and Gauze Pads – Just like humans, dressings are a no-brainer in first aid for your pet. Pack several different shapes that are appropriate for your pet’s size.

5. Vet Tape or Adhesive Tape – Vet tape is amazing in a pet first aid kit, as it can hold dressings in place without pulling your pet’s fur. But if vet tape isn’t available, adhesive tape works fine.

6. Gallon of Water – A clean jug of water next to the pet first aid kit is like a superhero’s best sidekick. It can do so many things besides hydrating your pet, like wash out toxins, flush wounds, soak a paw, and soothe burns. Don’t forget to pack a container to pour it into!

7. Eye Wash – It’s possible to irrigate your pet’s eyes with the water jug in a pinch, but why do that when a formulated eye wash is more comfortable? Make sure you don’t touch the opening to keep it sterile.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide – This item is beneficial for sanitizing wounds. It can induce vomiting for dogs if they’ve ingested something dangerous. Always consult your vet before administering hydrogen peroxide, and make sure it’s fresh. Hydrogen peroxide is poisonous to cats, though, so never give it to them.

9. Safety Restraints – When pets are hurt or sick they could be fearful. Providing proper restraints like towels, cones, humane muzzles, and mesh carrier cases will keep yourself and your pet safe and calm them down.

10. Dish Soap – Hand dish soap can help big time to wash dirty or toxic substances away from your pet’s skin and fur. Always use hand dish soap and not automatic dishwasher detergent.

11. Thermometer and Syringe or Turkey Baster – A turkey baster or syringe is very helpful in administering hydrogen peroxide or medicine. A thermometer can determine if your pet has a fever. Rectal temperature readings are the most accurate.

12. Contact Card & First Aid Booklet – Having contact info for your home vet and for the local veterinarians near your vacation home will save you precious time in an emergency, while a first aid booklet can help you quickly locate safe remedies to use for your pet.

These first aid items will cover your pet in most emergency situations away from home. And if you’re looking for a pet-friendly vacation cottage, contact Rentals On The Ocean to reserve your spot! We look forward to servicing you!

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